Dr. Carolyn Wright

Dr. Carolyn Wright

Pediatrician in San Francisco and Mill Valley, CA

Town and Country Pediatric Medical Associates

Pediatrician in San Francisco, CA

It's so frustrating when new parents get conflicting answers from doctors and nurses to even the most basic questions.  Guided by her philosophy that every problem in raising children has multiple correct solutions, Dr. Wright will help you choose the solution that works best for you and you child.

She put this "multiple choice" philosophy to work raising her three children.  Along with her husband of 36 years, Dr. Wright successfully dealt with Erin's constant crying and refusal to eat, Zach's head banging tantrums and Hilary's complete indifference to using the toilet.  Then there were the admissions nightmares - from preschool to college. The kids were lucky to get into a good public school, Claire Lilenthal, and St. Ignatius for high school.

Erin then went to Stanford and USC law school. Living in Newport Beach with her husband and two adorable boys, Erin is helping her mother become an expert in grandparenting!   Zach did finance in New York and is now vice-president of new acquisitions at a local real estate investment firm.  Hilary went to Cal before becoming director of programs for the Guardsmen, a San Francisco non-profit that helps at-risk kids go to camp.

Having gone to Stanford as an undergrad, UC San Diego for medical school and Children's Hospital for residency, Dr. Wright has the knowledge and experience, both personal and professional,  to guide you and your children from infancy to young adulthood.


Best Doctors in America  2007-2008, 2009-2010, 2011-2012, 2015-2016
San Francisco Super Doctors 2012 and 2013
Bay Area's Top Doctors and Dentists Award  2010
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Compassionate Doctor Award  2010
Doctor of Excellence   2014
Best of the Best - Bay Area Parent Magazine  2012 and 2016

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