Preventive Care Well Child Check Ups
By Town and Country Pediatric Medical Associates
May 01, 2018
Category: Pediatric Health
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The wellness of your child is your highest priority when you’re a concerned parent. That is why well-child checkups are highly well child examrecommended by the American Pediatric Association and your Mill Valley and San Francisco, CA,  pediatrician. Preventive health measures are a key part of keeping your youngest loved ones healthy, vibrant, and happy.

What Are Well-Child Checkups?
After your child is born, you and your pediatrician must monitor him or her continuously for important developmental changes. But children grow so fast—it seems as if it all happens in the blink of an eye. One minute they’re barely able to make sounds and the next they’re joining sports teams at school. Well-child checkups allow your child’s doctor to take note of all important changes over the months and years and ensure that your child is getting sufficient nutrition and care. Immunizations (vaccinations to prevent diseases) are also administered at some of these checkup appointments.

Why Preventive Care Is So Important
Well-child checkups are considered preventive care for young children. Preventive care allows your Mill Valley and San Francisco pediatrician to identify and treat potential problems before they have a chance to progress. For instance, behavioral changes and educational challenges can be addressed with the help of a child therapist. If a child is experiencing fatigue, it could be related to a vitamin deficiency or poor diet.

What Happens at a Checkup Appointment?
At your well-child checkup visit, your pediatrician will take notes on your child’s health history and record new information, including the child’s age, weight, and height. You’ll learn if your child is meeting important developmental milestones. You’ll discuss how the child is doing in every area of life, including school, behavior, eating habits, and forming normal relationships. Generally, you’ll have about six visits before age one, two more by age two, and yearly checkups each year until the child is an adult.

Keeping Your Child Healthy and Happy
The best thing about visiting your pediatrician for regularly scheduled well-child checkups is that it gives you peace of mind as a parent. Call today to schedule an appointment at Town and Country Pediatric Medical Associates, with locations in Mill Valley and San Francisco, CA.