Authorizations & Referrals


If your child has an HMO insurance through Brown and Toland Medical Group (BTMG is the only medical group Town and Country Pediatrics is affiliated with) and your doctor tell you that your child needs to see a specialist, please call our referral coordinator at least a week prior to the visit so that she can submit a referral to the specialist on your child’s behalf.

Some procedures or providers require authorizations instead of simple referrals from the medical group. Your child’s primary care physician in our office will usually let our referral coordinator know this and she will submit for authorization from the medical group. Authorizations take longer to obtain than standard referrals. Even though the doctors give the information to the referral coordinator, you should still call her to make sure the process is going forward.

Referrals and authorizations that are submitted after the fact may not be approved by the medical group. It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure the referrals and authorizations are being expedited.


Most PPOs, etc., do not require referrals or authorizations. However, as we accept so many insurances in order to serve our patient’s needs, please contact your insurance company if your child is referred to a specialist and you are unsure of their referral policies.

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